• People Food: Anything edible that does not come in a giant bag or can with a dog printed on it.
  • Hank Proofing: Walking around the house attempting to “think like a devious black lab with nothing better to do except scour for adventure” and scope out possible intriguing items to chew and destroy…then hiding them.
  • Harbor Dog: Harbor Springs is a small town in Northern Michigan on Little Traverse Bay.  Harbor Dogs are extremely well behaved dogs that can be seen patiently waiting for their owners outside a shop (no leash required), walking calmly down the docks or sitting quietly in the front seat of a car.  Harbor Dogs are the most well-behaved, well-trained dogs on the planet; they have great manners, impeccable behavior but they are by far the best at making the rest of us look bad.
  • Dog Movie: A movie where a dog is hurt physically or emotionally, killed, dies of natural causes, gets lost or loses his owner/friend.  Examples: Marley & Me, I Am Legend, etc.
  • Human Translation:  For Stuff Hank Eats, the human translation is something that we can learn from Hank’s exploits…because clearly, he learns nothing from them.
  • Day Off: A day where you are not working at your paying job.  However, days off are days that are dictated by dogs…buying their food, grooming, extra snuggling, hiking, swimming and everything in between.
  • Archive Post: All the crazy instances where we were like, “He ate what?! …we should really write these down,” that served as the inspiration for Stuff Hank Eats.
  • Spicy Scale:  The scale that many Thai restaurants use for consumers to gage exactly how spicy they would like their dish.  The funny part is, nobody knows exactly what the scale means. There is no explanation that a “1” is lacking flavor at all, a “4” has a little kick, and a “7” you’ll be calling the fire department to extinguish the flames coming out your ears.  To make it better, the “scale” is different to every chef and establishment, so…you take a guess between 1 and 10 and hope for the best.
  • Mom Lesson:  Everyone  knows what I am talking about.  Those lessons you spent your childhood dreading, avoiding at all costs and swearing to anyone who would listen that you would never force your children to adhere to.  Great example: thank you notes.  I remember sitting at my roll-top desk with the list of birthday gifts and their giver, a few colorful pens and crispy Thank You notecards, under the watchful eye of Mom…wishing that I was absolutely anywhere but in that chair.  Now, in my twenties, my inability to skip a thank you note is one of my favorite qualities about myself.  Thank you Mom (note is in the mail).
  • Purple Syrup: Dimetapp.  For the rest of my life, everything grape will always taste like Dimetapp.  It’s either a good thing or a bad thing, you decide.

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