Linus the Lion(s)

24 Mar

Yesterday I mentioned two lion toys that I bought Hank & Alta at PetSmart while they were waging war on the groomer.  This is Linus the Lion, a toy in the “Mighty Toys” line of Tuffy’s products.  

So far, they have been the most resilient plush dog toy that has been able to stand up to Hank’s playtime: shaking, ripping, de-stuffing, shaking some more and then carrying around the carcass like a trophy. Notice: there are two identical Linus the Lions…like most siblings, sharing isn’t easy – or rather nonexistent – for Hank & Alta; therefore, we have two of the exact same toy to prevent snarling, snatching and stealing the toys from one another.

A well-made, durable, plush dog toy is hard to come by, and of course, they don’t come cheap.  Running at least $20 a piece, when they do crumble to Hank’s relentless affection…I try and make them last as long as possible.  This, is Piglet…

Piglet used to have four legs, two ears, and a squiggly tail (see below).  He’s currently down to two legs and a body/head…after lots of stitching and re-stuffing…he looks more like a seal-pig.

Tuffy’s rates all of their toys on a “Dura-scale.”  Linus the Lion rates a 7…

And Piglet the Pig rates an 8…

If the Dura-scale has anything to do with predicting how Linus the Lion’s life will unfold, his demise is going to be much swifter; and judging by all that mane hair, tempting ears and long tail…much more gruesome.  If Piglet is still hanging tough, Linus will just have to survive some days home with Hank alone and he too can have his very own set of scars.

At least Hank is happy, and busy, for now…

HUMAN TRANSLATION: Never trust a “durability scale.”  Ever dropped your iPhone and cracked or broke it, despite the “super tough” and “durable” exclamations on the packaging?  Durability scales are not real, or at least made to be proven wrong.  When something breaks (or has it’s stuffing ripped out) channel your inner MacGyver, get out your duct tape and chewing gum…and fix it.


One Response to “Linus the Lion(s)”

  1. Robin March 25, 2011 at 3:41 AM #

    I’ve had a rough week too… and, I’d say my “durability scale” rating is going down! I am definitely going to need a couple extra rolls of duct tape to get through the next few weeks!!!

    Maybe Hank will just appreciate his new toy and keep it perfect!?! Wishful thinking!

    TGIF- for now!

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